Constructora d’Aro has developed an innovative construction system based on the industrial construction of multi-family residential housing using stackable three-dimensional modules.

The Compact Habit® system differs from the traditional construction approach in three key innovations:
1. Buildings are created from stackable three-dimensional modules.
2. Each fully-equipped module is painstakingly put together along an industrial assembly line, ensuring a high-quality final product.
3. Interior design is crucial to structuring and optimising the use of space.

More versatile constructions

Compact Habit® allows spaces to be extensively reused and relocated, which is impossible to achieve using a traditional construction approach.

Safer constructions

Modules are manufactured along an assembly line, minimising the risks to workers.

More sustainable constructions

A cleaner construction system: electricity consumption, water use and waste management are fully optimised. Also the noise and pollution during the construction is vastly reduced.

:Faster, better quality constructions

Thanks to the industrial manufacturing process, production is standardised, quality-controlled and fully traceable, ensuring vastly superior quality to the traditional construction approach
The module-based system ensures excellent sound isolation performance and energy efficiency.
The overall construction period is reduced by 60% relative to traditional construction